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Clydebelt is dedicated to retaining and enhancing our heritage and the green belt status of the Kilpatrick Hills and their surrounding environment in Clydebank, Dumbarton, Milngavie, Bearsden and Glasgow.

Clydebelt is concerned with other undeveloped areas nearby, including the north bank of the River Clyde, and in the "villages" of Old Kilpatrick, Dalmuir, Duntocher, Hardgate, Faifley, Drumchapel, Craigton, Carbeth, Gartocharn, Jamestown, Bonhill, Milton and Bowling.

Many values and attitudes are shared by members.

What does Clydebelt do? Campaigns on current issues, helps local communities and influences planning policy.

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Kilpatrick Hills campaigns

Clydebelt started in 1990 - 400 opposed a huge planning application. We've run many Kilpatrick's campaigns since - eg Windfarm on Kilpatrick Hills?

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Helping local communities

Clydebelt has helped with Communities' issues in other places near to the Kilpatrick Hills.

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Influencing planning & policy

Clydebelt tries to influence planning & policy, on development, access etc. We helped form the Scottish Green Belts Alliance. The Glasgow & Clyde Valley Structure Plan heeded our objection to windfarms on the Kilpatrick Hills.

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We have a new news blog

See our blog for the latest news ...

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location map of Kilpatrick Hills between Dumbarton & Clydebank
Next meeting - AGM on Tuesday 18th November 2014

We now need to raise some money and it was agreed that a minimum membership fee/donation of £5 per household will be implemented from January 1st. We cannot guarantee that your payment will last for 24 years this time. Some of those at the AGM have already paid.Cheques made out to Clydebelt, with particulars and email if possible, can be sent to ELIZABETH PITTS, FAIRHILLS, STATION ROAD, OLD KILPATRICK G60 5LT


see our blog for the latest news

Scottish Wildlife Blog on Kilpatrick Hills run by Teresa Dockery


photo on Kilpatrick Hills

photo on Kilpatrick Hills

photo on Kilpatrick Hills


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Clydebelt tries to be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and has made every effort to present fair opinions and accurate facts. Please email or write to us about any corrections.

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